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SEO, Google Ads

Kamil is our trusted expert in Google Ads campaigns. The SEO tools and techniques used by him are the only good solution in current times, and Kamil is definitely the go to expert in the field.

An additional advantage is that Kamil shows full professionalism, and meeting the deadlines, what we know are rare qualities in the digital branch.

I always thought that the most sexy part of the body is brain, and Kamil and his team definitely prove my point. Except that, they are exceptional and sympathetic guys, and the job they do is outstanding in the SEO and SEM market.

I highly recommend them !

Katarzyna Doktór

Online Marketing Strategy

We made the connection! Kamil understands our business.

The collaboration has strongly improved our company’s development, and increased sales.


Andrzej Hyc
Skiing School HSKI

SEO, AdSense Optimization

I grade an A to cooperating with Kamil. During a single year we doubled unique visitors coming to our website.

For this guy impossible is nothing. I fully recommend!

Paweł Romanowski
Chief Editor

SEO, Google Analytics Implementation

Kamil took care of SEO for budujemydom.pl and our discussion board. The contract included both the ongoing SEO service, and training the editors to understand and analyse our traffic better through Google Analytics.

We can count on Kamil at every stage of our works on the articles, and we can definitely rely on his knowledge and experience.

Marcin Szymanik
Chief Editor


Finally we found someone who’s working, not messing around!

Amadeusz Łysakowski
Managing Director

Google Analytics Implementation

Working in the digital branch, especially in digital publishing, you have to understand needs of the customer, while keeping the analytical approach. Despite of our high requirements in terms of Google Analytics, SEO, and other tools connected to the process. Kamil has met the task, and is supporting us with achieving our next goals!

Wojciech Marciniak

SEO, Website Relaunch

I want to thank a million for creating a new, modern and user-friendly website. The best proof for Kamil’s team professionalism is our customers who confirm that the new website is clearer, easier to navigate and has a better design.

Very well optimised website is a cornerstone for every modern company, and a key to customer acquisition. Everything’s working extremely fine, so I can recommend Kamil and his team for professionalism, and reliability in creating new websites.

Adam Staszkiewicz
Windsurfing School Boards.pl

SEO, Google Ads

Kamil is a highly qualified partner that I recommend to every company, that values reliability, creativity, and high level of the services.

Kamil’s team, knowing their job, ideally fits the necessary tools and techniques to customers and markets’ requirements, what brings expected results at the same time.

As a company doing business internationally, we worked with Kamil on many online fronts,  and the one thing I can say is that he knows exactly what he does.

Great team, huge experience and knowledge.

I truly recommend!

Iga Kattner
Export Marketing Manager

Online Marketing Training

Training led by Kamil, about online marketing, was a perfectly crafted training for our company. Not only has he helped our employees to understand the important role of visibility on the internet, but also empowered us to implement new, presented solutions.

Huge thank you for adjusting the scope of the training to our company’s profile.
I have a high regard for the trainers’ competencies and engagement.

Maciej Irek
Export Marketing Manager

Particular thanks for making our SERPbook green again”

Katarzyna Kazior
Managing Director
Cuponation Poland

See some personal recommendations i get!

I had the chance to work remotely with Kamil for a couple of months in a variety of topics around Online Marketing, SEO and Content Creation. He is super experience and got all the necessary technical knowledge in those verticals. On top of that, he was the one defining the strategy and coordinating a bunch of folks around the world to make sure that everyone was aligned, making progress and sharing best practices.

Kamil has a huge and very current knowledge in the field of SEO. His positioning techniques, tools, analysis and conclusions are very innovative and produce the desired results. His professional comments and recommendations on SEO were a big added value in web solutions building projects with marketing strategy

Kamil is a very experienced SEO manager. His knowledge in this matter is unusually large making him probably the best SEO specialist in Poland. Thanks to the professionalism combined with the energy and passion Kamil’s work is always extreme efficiency.

During my entire professional career, I have never met a person who would be as well oriented in all aspects of SEO as Kamil.

His passion and energy are highly contagious, and trainings he provides automatically get a rank of “Legendary”.

We had a chance to participate in Kamil’s training on Google Analytics. He has explained the tool to us in an easy and accessible way, also providing us with a show on the full potential and tricks of the tool.

I was working with Kamil at Groupon, I got to know him because he was one of the most interested and clever people to attend my SEO classes. I was impressed by his speed of adapting and learning´.

Kamil is one of those guys who are just committed with what they do. A very compromised person who loves his job. I could learn a lot from him since he is always at the top of the edge in SEO techniques. A trustworthy and friendly colleague.

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