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Quick facts:

contract period 12 months
result after audit 320% growth in organic visibility!

How did that happen ?

Alnor is one of the biggest manufacturers of HVAC systems, delivering their customers ventilation, and heat recovery units.

Our collaboration took off after Alnor asked to review their manual penalty for unnatural linking.

I began checking websites backlink profile in march 2016.
this job initially required to manually go through all the backlinks the domain had. this process, first period, required three reconsideration requests, hence it took me almost 3 months to fulfill.

In June I finally got an information that manual penalty has been revoked, and the visibility of the domain started to increase.

As this was a success resulting in growing by 151% (from 191 to 481 organic visibility points ), company offered a long term cooperation that lasts until today.

We began our works of an on-page audit, checking a long list of factors that could help or obstruct search engines in evaluating the website.

As a result, after another two months, together with company responsible for IT services, we began implementation of the audit, that lasted three weeks (third period). changes were online for two weeks, pending evaluation (fourth period), until in February 2017 the visibility began to grow!.

The on-page audit caused the website to almost double the visibility!
Simply put – we grew to 804 points (starting from 481 after the link audit – this is a 67% growth!).

In total my works influenced this domain to grow by 320% (from 191 to 804) after two audits only !

This was just a beginning for our journey with Alnor.
We cooperate until today, mainly building links in the Polish market.


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