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Quick facts:

contract period 48 months
result after audit 174% growth in organic visibility!

How did that happen ?

Budujemydom.pl is a content portal specializing in building and renovating houses, being a third content portal in its niche in Poland.

Works for budujemydom.pl started in April 2014.
At first this happened to be an SEO audit that was to conclude on:

  • websites architecture
  • content structure
  • internal linking
  • user engagement
  • possibilities of improving websites speed

Initial period – analysis and implementation.
After analyzing the website for 6 weeks (first period), and checking 90 various points that influence visibility in Google, I identified 32 factors that needed immediate improvement, and further 15 that needed to be changed over time, for a longer period.
The changes highest priority changes got introduced on the website within the next two weeks.

Google was evaluating the website for another 9 weeks (second period), after which websites visibility finally normalised.

After the audit, website’s visibility in Google grew from 4932 to 13542 points, this translates into 174% growth in Organic Visibility.

This was just a beginning for our journey with budujemydom.pl.

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