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Quick facts:

contract period 6 months
result after audit 250% growth in organic visibility!

How did that happen ?

Cuponation.pl is an affiliate website for customers looking for savings. It offers coupons and discounts to consumers looking to purchase a product or a service.

Works for cuponation.pl started in June 2015.

In second half of 2015 website got hit by a visibility drop caused by link penalty.

Initial period – analysis and implementation.
After analyzing the link profile forĀ 9 weeks (first period), I have indentified all toxic links.

The links got uploaded to the disavow file and sent to google for reconsidering.

Meanwhile I’ve also identified a couple of potential problems that might have caused problems with Google’s quality algorithm (called Panda).

The changes were implemented on a course of 3 weeks (second period), after which Google began lifting the penalty (third period).

After the cleanup, website’s visibility in Google grew from 563 to 1971 points, this translates into 250% growth in Organic Visibility.

My works for Cuponation concluded by the end of October 2015.

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