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Quick facts:

result after website redesign 240% growth in organic visibility!

How did that happen ?

Boards.pl is a windsurfing school, running summer trainings for adults, and camps for children, on a unique spot of Hel Peninsula – famous for being one of the worlds easiest spots to learn due to the knee-level depth of the sea on a large area.

When I first contacted Boards, I suggested that instead of running an audit, we will build a new website that will be fully optimized for Google in terms of SEO. The old website was based on a very old version of Joomla, the feels and looks also were seeming a bit stale,


I gathered all necessary data from Google Search Console, looked at Google Analytics statistics, and together with the owner, we decided that not only the website will be upgraded, but also its architecture of information will be restructured, to fit modern users.

This decision was based primarily on the findings from Google Analytics – where we found users were having significant problems with finding basic data about the offerings, but also the Organic Visibility of the website seemed low, when compared to other competitors.

My fellow UX was designing how the website should look like, and what interactions should it present.

All together the design process, along with implementation took us around six months, and concluded in march 2015 (first period).

Before the change, organic visibility never came above 40 visibility points. After implementation of the new website, the results jumped up to 136 points.

Fun part is – there is no new content on the website, just it got rearranged. Also in reviewing this case you have to remember that this is a highly seasonal business, and the visibility metric is highly affected by Search Volumes of keywords, so it is natural that in winter periods, the visibility plummets.

Happily, the results are better and better each year.

Summing up, the overall increase is 240%, just because upgrading the website !

That’s a strong proof, that the content structure, and user-friendliness are highly important ranking factors!


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