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Quick facts:

contract period 12 months
result after audit 1100% growth in organic visibility!

How did that happen ?

GTV is a company producing and distributing wide range of furniture accessories and lightning, be it fittings, riggings, hinges and more. Company’s products are available for purchase not only in specialised shops, but also in most DIY markets in Poland.

In November 2014 domains visibility started dropping.
After one year of not being able to fix the visibility problems, we finally started to work together.

Pretty quickly we found out that the main problems were backlinks of the domain. As the website didn’t get a manual penalty notification, it was pretty clear that the visiblity drop was due to the recent Penguin update.

For the next 3 months I was collecting and reviewing backlinks pointing to gtv.com.pl for toxicity.
The disavow file got uploaded, but to improve GTV’s situation, I began to build more authoritative links to their website. This situation lasted in total 10 months (first period)

By the time, being influenced by Penguin was a real pain – as opposed to Manual Penalties – it was only during the updates, when SEO’s could’ve see if the works done with the link reviewal made any difference.

The Penguin update finally happened in October 2016 (second period), introducing Penguin 4.0 aka Real Time Penguin. This was the exact time when organic visibility of the domain started to improve.

The project has concluded after 1 year (last period), resulting in improving organic visibility from 43 to 516 points. This roughly translates to 1100% improvement in year over year comparison!

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