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Quick facts:

contract period 3 months + indefinite
result after audit Full organic visibility recovery!

How did that happen ?
GetResponse is a SaaS solution, delivering their customers on all continents, in 26 languages, all-in-one email marketing services.

GetResponse got a manual penalty in March 2015 (first period), and their visibility dropped from 3213 to 676 points.
I was first approached by the company in September 2016 to help them out with getting rid of the penalty.

For upcoming 3 months (second period) I have reviewed all company’s efforts in fighting the link spam pointing to their domain.
Alongside I have also identified some architectural problems that might have caused further depression of GetResponse’s visibility in organic search.

Finally, we changed some structural issues, including deindexing majority of duplicated content that the spammy links were pointing to.

beginning of December 2016 we sent a reconsideration request, which was being reviewed by Google for about a month (third period).
By the end of December, manual penalty got revoked, and GetResponse started to gain its organic visibility again, rising to 1637 visibility points (fourth period).

That’s how my cooperation with GetResponse launched. I still work with the company, managing all SEO related issues.

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