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Quick facts:

contract period 48 months
result after audit 371% growth in organic visibility!

How did that happen ?

informatorbudownictwa.pl is an online directory of construction companies operating in Poland.

Works for informatorbudownictwa.pl started in April 2014.
At first this happened to be and SEO audit that was to conclude on:

  • websites architecture
  • content structure
  • internal linking
  • user engagement
  • possibilities of improving websites speed

Initial period – analysis and implementation.
After analyzing the website for 4 weeks (first period), and checking around 70 various points that influence visibility in Google, together with customer’s developers, we began implementing the changes.
Google took off the changes after two weeks, and for another 4 months started to evaluate the website’s visibility.

Google was evaluating the website for another 9 weeks (second period), after which websites visibility finally normalised.

After the audit, website’s visibility in Google grew from 2298 to 10828 points, this translates into 371% growth in Organic Visibility.


As the first audit was having primarily focus on the main domain, we have observed a drop in the visibility a couple of months later.

In September 2015 we began another audit, primarily aimed at the subdomains.

Audit, along with implementation took us a little over 2 months, after which we saw another increase in organic visibility, this time – the visibility stabilised for good!

This was just a beginning for our journey with informatorbudownictwa.pl – after first great results, we were granted a contract to carry all SEO related issues on the domain.

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