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Quick facts:

contract period 2 months
result after audit Full organic visibility recovery!

How did that happen ?

Taurus is a company manufacturing, and retailing roof racks and boxes, both of their own brand – Taurus, and others, such as Thule or Kamei.

In September, company received Manual Penalty Notification for unnatural backlinks.
Organic channel plummeted instantly, dropping visibility from 653 points to 316.

I started the link revision process in December.
It was necessary to manually check all backlinks pointing to the domain, contact with a couple of webmasters who owned sites with “unnatural links” and ask them to take them down. This works took roughly 6 weeks (first period)

Finally a reconsideration request got sent to Google Web Spam Team (second period), and approximately two weeks later the manual penalty got revoked, bringing back the visibility to pre-penalty level.

It is however important to notice, that most of the sites don’t get back to the rankings they were having before applying the penalty – usually this is due to cleaning most, but not all of the toxic backlinks.

So what will be your next step?


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